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Bungee Mgale
Bungee Martingale
The bungee martingale helps achieve a round outline through bit pressure when the horse raises his head too high. The rubber offers some elasticity to more gently encourage a softer outline and thereby improve muscle strength. The bungee martingale may be used when riding, or as a trainin...
Side Reins
The best side reins you'll ever use!  No more guessing the length, its all done for you with a handy and super easy to adjust snap hook!Nylon base with elastic at the bit end, to really help your horse or pony out! 
Elastic Neck Stretcher
Elastic Lunge Aid
A simple, yet effective training aid used to encourage horses to stretch into contact with the bit. It works by placing gentle pressure on the poll when the horse raises it's head, and gives when contact is achieved.  An invaluable tool for horses learning what contact is and really benefi...
Pessoa 1
Lunge Training System
The Zilco Lunge Training system assists in the establishment of a safe training system for both horses and ponies of all ages, fitness levels and disciplines. It also helps to achieve the correct shape and focuses on the development of back muscles which is essential in enabling horses to ...
Del Lunge Line
Zilco Deluxe Lunge Line
The thickly padded, two tone weave construction of this lunge rein makes lunging softer on the hands. This lunge rein features a swivel to help prevent tangling.
Lunge Halter
Zilco Lunge Halter
Deluxe webbing lunge halter with generous padding through the brow and nose. Includes rings for use with a chambon if required. The face strap is designed to hold the nose band in the correct position. All brass plated fittings.Sizing - Cob - Full
Lunge Line
Zilco Lunge Line
Very soft, light, flat acrylic webbing with a ribbed weave for comfort and grip. The Zinc Diecast clip can be removed and replaced when required. 9 Metres (29.5ft) long.
Zilco Roller
Zilco Lunge Roller
Polypropylene webbing training roller with fleece lining for added comfort. Includes 10 nickel plated dees to give endless configuration options and includes a double buckle girth with dee.
Zilco Nice Roller
Zilco Training Roller
Professional training roller for lunging, driving and breaking. Complete with stainless steel terrets and 8 stainless steel dees. Soft waffle padding and double girth points to fit a variety of horses.
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