Extremely versatile and equally popular GP that fits a wide range of horses and riders.  A really nice choice for ridersnzs looking to do a bit of everything. 

Innovative flap design accommodates everything from trekking to flatwork to low-mid level jumping.
Options on girthing allows for a sympathetic fit on a variety of conformations.
Shorter panel lengths makes it a great choice for croup high or short backed horses.
Adjustable knee and thigh blocks to support rider position as needed, or simply remove completely if preferred.

Sizes:  16.5″, 17″, 17.5″, 18″, 18.5″;  MW, W, XW, XXW
Colour: Black or Chocolate
Leather: Smooth (standard) or Buffalo (custom)
Girthing: Long or short
Wooden laminated spring tree
Wool flocked panel

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