With rider balance being paramount to reduce the development of skeletal issues in young riders, this pony saddle has a vast range of features to support this.  The Pony GP is a super saddle for young riders to establish a correct position and develop as riders.

Generous wide panels for a stable and sympathetic fit on a ponies back.
Short girthing with extra tabs increase girthing options and fit on a variety of conformations.
Shorter panel lengths allow it to work well on croup high or short backed ponies.
Adjustable knee and thigh blocks to support rider position as needed, or simply remove completely if preferred.
Flatter seat gives more room for the rider.
Beautifully balanced design to help young riders develop the right position.

Sizes:  14, 15, 16,  MW, W, XW, XXW
Colours: Black or Chocolate
Leather: Smooth Hide (standard) or Buffalo (custom)
Girthing: Short
Wooden laminated spring tree
Wool flocked panels.

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