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CDM Antibacterial Wound Cream
CDM Antibacterial Wound CreamAntibacterial cream that aids the natural healing process Description Advanced, scientific formula allows the skin to breathe freely and heal ‘correctly’ in beneficial moist conditions, helping to reduce healing time of minor cuts, scratches and abrasions. Easy...
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CDM Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Dressing
CDM Cornucrescine Daily Hoof DressingNourishes and maintains healthy hooves Description A nourishing dressing based on the original Cornucrescine formula as a minimum requirement for hoof care. Suitable for all hoof types and ideal for daily use. Contains an integral, quality brush for eas...
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CDM Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser
CDM Cornucrescine Daily Hoof MoisturiserHelps prevent cracks, splits and damaged hoof structures Description Primarily for use in dry conditions, the Advanced, water-based formulation penetrates deep into the hoof horn to aid moisture replacement. If used on a daily basis this product main...
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CDM Cornucrescine Hoof Barrier
CDM Cornucrescine Hoof BarrierStrengthens and supports hoof structure to improve health and shoe retention. Description Advanced formulation creates ‘one way barrier’ to protect from excessive absorption of water and urine. Waterproofs the hoof, yet allows it to breathe naturally and moist...
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CDM Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment
CDM Cornucrescine Hoof OintmentDescription A unique, traditional formula used and trusted for generations. Massage into the coronet band to promote healthy hoof growth. Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring & growth of the hoof. Application by hand or with a toothbrush s...
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CDM Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil
CDM Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof OilMaintains and protects the hoof, leaves a long-lasting show-ring shine. Description A modern alternative to traditional style oils. Maintains and protects the hood, leaving a lasting show ring shine. This rich, translucent oil, is suitable for all hoof co...
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CDM Dual Purpose Liniment
CDM Dual Purpose LinimentDual purpose liniment and rinse for use on swellings and tight, stiff muscles Description Lavender Liniment is a dual purpose liniment with both heating and cooling effects. For use on swellings, aching joints and tight stiff muscles. Arnica and witch hazel help to...
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CDM Ice Blue Leg Cooler
CDM Ice Blue Leg CoolerICE BLUE LEG COOLER GEL Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel Quickly cools and soothes hot, tired or filled legs Description Fast acting, easy to use leg cooler gel that quickly soothes hot, tired or filled legs. Ice Blue contains a number of premium active ingredients such as; a...
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CDM Protection Plus Natural Antibacterial Salve
CDM Protection Plus Natural Antibacterial SalveAn Anti-bacterial salve to protect and waterproof vulnerable areas Description This antibacterial pink ointment with a citronella scent has numerous uses. Ideal to protect and waterproof wounds and as a barrier against mud fever and sweet itch...
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CDM Vanner & Prest Hoof Oil
CDM Vanner & Prest Hoof OilProvides a show-ring shine and helps maintain healthy hooves Description A traditional formulation combining pine tar oil with mineral oil to provide mild antibacterial properties, with a distinctive aroma. Great for giving a traditional shine while maintaining h...

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