Leather Care

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CDM Belvoir Leather Balsam
CDM Belvoir Leather BalsamFeeds and nourishes leather. Ideal for new, fine or water saturated leather. Description An intensive conditioner providing ultimate nourishment for new or fine leather as well as deeply conditioning dry or cracked leather. The soft Lanolin and Beeswax formula kee...
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CDM Belvoir Leather Cleaner - Step 1
CDM Belvoir Leather Cleaner - Step 1Step 1 – Effectively cleans leather; removing dirt, grease and sweat with ease. Description No need to scrub before conditioning any more. Step 1 gently lifts ingrained grease, sweat and dirt to enable you to wipe off dirt easily. The pH neutral formula ...
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CDM Belvoir Leather Conditioning - Step 2
CDM Belvoir Leather Conditioning - Step 2Softens, Preserves and Shines Saddlery Leather Description. Made from the original recipe to condition, protect and add shine to leather. A pure, clear, quality conditioner formulated with glycerine and coconut oil, for regular use with minimum effo...
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CDM Belvoir Leather Conditioning Soap
CDM Belvoir Leather Conditioning SoapSoftens, Preserves and Shines Saddlery Leather. Description In a re-sealable tray, the original, traditional bar soap that conditions, protects and adds shine to leather. This pure, clear quality soap is formulated from vegetable oils, including coconut...
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CDM KO-CHO-LINE Leather Dressing
CDM KO-CHO-LINE Leather DressingA thick grease to protect and revive saddlery leather. Description A unique thick, pink grease which protects leather from mould and mildew when in storage. Ko-Cho-Line will not rot stitching and can be used on metal to prevent rusting. This specially formul...
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CDM Leather Oil
CDM Leather OilIntensively nourishes and moisturises leather items leaving them soft and supple. Description A heavy duty alternative to Neatsfoot oil for excessively dry, cracked and brittle leather items. This specially formulated viscous oil softens and supples leather and has added wat...

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