Tie Ups and Hooks

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Flexi Hook
Flexi HookAre you tired of breaking or running onto tack hooks ..... look no further! These we gems are flexible and strong! Perfect at the tie ups, paddock entrances and the tack rooms!
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Hitching Ring - Bolt Attachment
Hitching Ring - Bolt AttachmentMetal hitching ring with threaded shank and nut for attachment to fence railings or hitching posts.
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Hitching Ring - Plate Attachment
Hitching Ring - Plate AttachmentHitching ring with plate for attaching to virtually any solid object. This style is popular for breezeways as it can be attached to the wall with the correct hardware. Screws are not included.
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Hitching Ring - Screw Attachment
Hitching Ring - Screw AttachmentMetal hitching ring with attachment for screwing into wooden fence railings or hitching posts.
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Horse Measuring Stand
Horse Measuring StandThis aluminium measuring stand will collapse away when not in use, and can measure up to 18hh. It includes a spirit level and cross bar for a more accurate reading.
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Portable Rug Rack
This sturdy portable and fully adjustable rug rack is ideal for hanging over gates, doors and tailgates. Its easily large enough once extended for a winter combo.Includes 2 hooks for extra tack storage.
Saddle Pad Rack
This innovative and fully portable saddlecloth rack allows your saddlecloths to dry faster after use and is ideal for general storage.Designed for hanging over doors, tailgates and railings and featuring a fully removable keyhole bracket allows for universal mobility.Includes 2 hooks for e...
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Stall / Float Tie
Stall / Float TieThis tie is ideal for securing horses in stables or floats. The quick snap attaches to the horse's halter for easy tying and release. The chain is covered with clear hose for safety. Use two of these to create a cross-tie setup. Measures 90cm including clips
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Tack Rack
Tack RackThis set of hooks hangs over the back of a door, tailgate or partition etc, and has four hooks for holding bridles, reins and other assorted strapping. Perfect for taking to competition days to keep your saddlery organised.

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