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Compositi Premium Stirrups
Compositi Premium StirrupsReleased to mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of Compositi's first polymer stirrup. Described by Compositi as a "designer" stirrup, made with innovative materials that make it even more effective and comfortable. This stirrup is lightweight, and extremely st...
Peacock Irons
Stainless Steel Peacock Irons
The Peacock iron is very popular for use by children. It is a variety of safety iron, designed so that the rubber ring is located on the outside of the foot, and will come away in the event of a fall. The idea of this is that the foot is released and prevents the rider from being "hung up"...
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Zilco Compositi Matrix Toe Cage
Zilco Compositi Matrix Toe CageStrong, durable toe cage that incorporates a stirrup tread. The cage will fit any 2 bar stirrup and attaches with two locking nuts and is designed to prevent the rider's foot from slipping through the stirrup. They are very useful for inexperienced riders. 
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Zilco Compositi Reflex Stirrups
Zilco Compositi Reflex StirrupsThese stirrups are made from one of the toughest high-tech polymers produced by DuPont.They include an integrated 3D swivel action tread, for quick foot release in an emergency. This tread is positioned on a shock absorption layer to reduce tension in knees a...

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